KG Hypnobirthing in Surrey, Kingston Upon Thames, Surbiton

page1Hypnobirthing was originally developed in the 1980’s offering alternatives in a heavily medicalised childbirth culture. Katharine Graves, founder of KG Hypnobirthing, mother, hypnotherapist, doula and founder of the Hypnobirthing Association UK has developed a programme to suit the growing UK and international clientele. Katharine’s practitioner training has also achieved accreditation from the Royal College of Midwives UK.

The programme is highly respected globally and a firm favourite with mothers, fathers, doulas, midwifes and obstetricians. KG Hypnobirthing as the gold standard in birth prep. At last a birth prep which reaches the heart and soul of  each women helping her to birth with confidence.

KG Hypnobirthing

Essence Hypnobirthing offers KG Hypnobirthing birth preparation courses

The beauty is in it’s simplicity,easy to understand and practice.

Offering flexibility to meet all your individual needs. Your pregnancy and your circumstances are unique, which course is best for you?  Take a look at the courses on offer.

Continued support throughout your pregnancy, including email and WhatsApp.

Extra evidenced based  resources available.

Meet up/home visit after baby is born.



There are many reliable studies about the positive effects of hypnosis in pain management. Read the wonderful KG Hypnobithing stories at the link below. Many claim to have women experienced :-

·         Shorter length of labour

·         Reducing the use of pain relief

·         Increasing the likelihood of having a natural birth.

·         Babies are calmer, feed and sleep better.

·         Birth companions are actively involved

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