Essence Hypnobirthing

page3A complete childbirth education programme. Week by week your confidence grows and those pregnancy and birthing  niggles and worries reduce and fade.

Every session sit back relax and enjoy
wonderful hypnobirthing and relaxation sessions
Simple calming breathing for pregnancy and birth
Introducing beautiful positive imagery for birth
Creating a positive birthing mindset

….Practical preparation for you and your birth companion
Let’s demystify the hypnosis element of Hypnobirthing once and for all. During the sessions, while you’re relaxed, you will listen to focused, positive child birthing messages. These messages and suggestions, because you are in a relaxed state, are absorbed at a subconscious level, in a way becoming a new reality.

The relaxation and breathing techniques will give you the skills to keep focused and present during birthing. Your birth companion works alongside, helping you to stay or go deeper into relaxation as your birthing progresses. These techniques relax your body reserving maximum energy for birthing.

Learn to use your imagination to create a deeper more focused relaxation with the use of positive imagery. This highly effective method has been used by world class athletes and astronauts for many years to improve performance, in the same way it will encourage your unique labour rhythms to flow.

Understand the fear-tension-pain cycle. Strategies to help take any fear or anxiety you or partner may have out of childbirth.

Gain knowledge of your birthing body and mind, including the vital role of oxytocin and how the hormonal cascade of natural childbirth can be encouraged.

We will take a look at pregnancy and birthing from your baby’s perspective and the wonderful ways to encourage bonding before and after the birth.

Learn the importance of a calm peaceful birthing environment and how as a couple you can actively create and promote this.

You will discover the importance of using positive birthing language and encouraging care providers to use it too.

Together we will view Hypnobirthing films/stories to help understand how the techniques work and to stimulate positive discussions.

Learn massage techniques, which encourages your body to produce its own natural analgesia during birthing and techniques to protect the perineum during birthing.

Help and support will be given to create a birth plan to suite your individual needs.

Introducing  you to positions for a comfortable birthing.

We will discuss the importance of informed choice, with access to reliable scientific research which will help you make decisions for your pregnancy and birthing.

Your birthing partner will develop the skills to support you during birth, and have the confidence to be your advocate and spokesperson if necessary.

Feel supported with continued contact via email and phone.

….It’s all about attitude
A great Hypnobirthing attitude for you and your birth companion is keeping an open mind, have commitment to practice regularly and have a strong sense of wanting to be empowered for your birthing journey. After completing the course you will feel prepared and in touch with your natural instincts and ultimately have the tools to birth in a calm, confident more joyful way.

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