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page2Any questions? Please call or email. I’m happy to meet in person for a chat about hypnobirthing and the courses.  

Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or maybe you’ve had a previous challenging birth and want to prepare in a different way, The Essence Hypnobirthing courses are flexible.

FULL COURSE GROUP SESSIONS (max 4 couples in a group) PRICE 300 (price includes accompanying birth partner)

FULL COURSE PRIVATE SESSIONS PRICE 425 (price includes accompanying birth partner and travel expenses)  Perfect for couples who prefer individual attention and/or privacy. The venue is flexible, either your home or mine.

REFRESHER COURSE PRIVATE SESSIONS PRICE 350 (price includes accompanying birth partner and travel expenses) For those who have used the hypnobirthing techniques in a previous pregnancy and would like a refresh

HYPNOBIRTHING FOR A PLANNED CAESARIAN BIRTH PRIVATE SESSIONS PRICE 150(price includes accompanying birth partner and travel expenses) Prepare for a relaxing calm gentle caesarian birth.

The standard course is 12 hours of coaching which can be split into 4-5 sessions.These can be held on weekday evenings and/ or weekends, The refresher course is 5-6 hours over 2-3 sessions.

The course can be started at around 24 weeks onward,  practising the techniques daily is very important. Coming to the course later in your pregnancy is completely fine and still has great benefits.

The course materials include
•    The Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Book
•    Colour and Calmness  MP3
•    Folder and an abundance of extra resources

I enjoy giving email support between sessions and throw loads of interesting researched based info your way. Supporting you to make birthing choices you feel happy with.


MARIE LINTON    TEL -: 07902390533



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